Our Approach

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Our fundamental goal is to understand you and your tastes, so that we can help build the ultimate audio system for you. We employ an approach that consistently results in the highest levels of customer satisfaction, as our many loyal customers will testify. We establish what you are looking for and turn that dream into an audio system that fulfils your desires. Using this method, we can guarantee that your money will be wisely spent no matter what your budget, and that your investment will be optimised to deliver a system that provides many years of listening pleasure.

The Tom Tom Approach
  • Understand, you and your requirements both short and long term
  • Experience, the various options through in–depth demonstrations
  • Confirm, the chosen components, cabling and accessories
  • Install, the selected system, optimising its performance for your environment
  • Check, that you are totally satisfied with your new system
Peace of Mind

Smiling boy standing in front of televisionFrom day one we take into account your current and future requirements, and with this in mind we deliver a ‘turn–key’ solution that can be economically upgraded in the future to take into account any changing needs. Our satisfaction comes from sharing the joy at every stage of your musical journey.


A key aspect of all the systems we provide is that they are fully scalable and offer ‘copper bottomed’ residual values. Because of this we can help you make sensible system upgrades whenever you wish, and offer generous part exchange prices to ease your progression to even greater musical satisfaction.


We run a sound business (excuse the pun) but of course this means that we are unlikely to be able to offer you the cheapest prices. Quality costs, and we just couldn’t do the job properly and give you the service you deserve if we were to cut our prices to the bone. However, if you’re looking for honest advice (that more often than not will save you more money than any discount) and long term, in–depth support, then we offer the most incredible value for money.

Customer Loyalty

We constantly hear about ‘Customer Loyalty’ along the high street these days, yet in reality many retailers have little interest in you as a person, but cynically use this concept to encourage us to simply spend more. To us loyalty is not a marketing concept. We truly appreciate all our customers, and it is incredibly satisfying to see you come back regularly. Your loyalty means an awful lot to us, it also tells us a huge amount about what you value as a person.

I truly believe that by making Tom Tom Audio their exclusive supplier, our customers enjoy tangible benefits. Not only do we get to know you and your system well, we greatly value Quotesthe added benefit of establishing a friendship with like–minded enthusiasts.

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