'New Classic' from Naim Audio


Discover the remarkable New Classic range from Naim Audio.

The 'New Classic' Range

The 200 Series

NSC 222

Begin your New Classic musical journey with the highly versatile NSC 222 preamplifier handling bitrates of up to 32bit/284kHz.

NAP 250

To get the best out of your loudspeakers and music, combine the NSC 222 with its perfect partner: the NAP 250 power amplifier.

NPX 300

The NPX 300 powers your system in a silent, fluid way, allowing the preamplifier to concentrate on its main task: controlling the signal.

The 300 Series

NSS 333

The NSS 333 is a high-resolution streaming solution that can handle the highest-quality file formats for UPnP™ devices and streaming services. The integrated DAC also improves the performance of other devices in your system, with a universal control across the entire Naim range, all from our Focal & Naim app.

NAC 332

The NAC 332 preamplifier is the digitally controlled, pure analogue centre of your audio system. Each and every audio stage is meticulously designed using discrete transistors, building on 50 years of experience in manufacturing high-performance audio systems.

NAP 350

A powerful monoblock amplifier, NAP 350 meets the needs of the most demanding loudspeakers, offering a wide choice of audio systems according to your desires. It can be used alone or combined with others. Thanks to its silent cooling system, it is easy to install in your chosen environment with no sound disruption.

The Phono Series


Get the most out of your vinyl with NVC TT. Very easy to use, it is perfectly compatible with any turntable with MC cartridges and MM cartridges, and easily connects to NAC 332 or NSC 222 preamplifiers. When linked with its dedicated power supply, NPX TT, it offers high performance.


NPX TT is the dedicated power supply for the NVC TT preamplifier, providing it with even cleaner power supply so as to enhance the sound and makes it compatible with many hi-fi systems.

New Classic Backward Compatibility

Naim Audio has created a range of cables to connect the new Classic range with earlier products.

New Classic Balanced Cables

Naim have produced a white paper discussing balanced interconnection and its implementation in the new Classic range.

About Naim Audio

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From the MUSE


We are delighted to have been recognised by Naim Audio as a Platinum dealer in recognition of our expertise with their entire product range from Mu-So to Statement.

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