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Buddha bust smallThere is no short cut to mastery. Exceptional components infused with genius are the result of a lifetime of dedication by gifted individuals. A common theme with the products we stock is the longevity of the companies behind them, and the length of time their designers have spent honing and perfecting their ideas. The majority of the components we offer can trace their lineage back many years and are the result of a constant process of evolution.

Naim Audio celebrated their 40th anniversary in 2013. Chief designer Roy George and his team have produced a body of such outstanding work that Naim now represent the very pinnacle of British audio engineering. This multi–disciplinary team has pushed the envelope in all areas of audio design over the last four decades, developing and perfecting their ideas to achieve ever greater levels of musical performance.

Even when exceptional new products from a brand new company enter our portfolio, it comes as no surprise to find that there is a long and fascinating story behind them. As is the case with the extraordinary Vertere turntables and cables. These ground breaking products address this traditionally weak link in a system in a completely new way as a result of the work done by Touraj Moghaddam. Touraj revolutionised turntable design when he launched the Xerxes over 25 years ago and has applied the same fresh thinking at Vertere.

We would like to introduce you to some of the designers behind our product portfolio and let them share a few of their pearls of wisdom. As you will see, a Tom Tom Audio system is infused with the best talent in the industry. All these people have invested years of painstaking research and development to build components that are capable of audio perfection. I cannot tell you how proud it makes us to count these extraordinary people as colleagues, and to bring their talents together in the wonderful systems we create.

These designers changed Hi–Fi forever and continue to break new ground year after year. Jason Kennedy asked these extraordinary designers what makes them tick.

Gentlemen, please take a bow.

Our Systems
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“You can get bored of listening to rock and do three months on opera and then move onto something else…”

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“There are constant frustrations but when a new product comes to completion and it works really well…

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“When I was in a little band we used to say ‘we will never do covers’ but if we do it would be hers, because it’s so…”

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“I have a very different approach to loudspeaker design compared to the majority. The first thing I do is ignore…”

“I’ve always been interested in building and tweaking with electronics and that became a retail thing…”

“With cables you get barbecued from all sides for different things to utilize, and you end up with a larger range than…”

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“A passion for music, a passion for style and there’s a vision that I have for the future. This is the only thing that…”

“I’m still addicted to thinking up new stuff, new products but I have many friends in the industry who are a little bit nostalgic. It’s not my style…”

The 10,000 hour rule

In his seminal work, The Outliers, which focuses on some of the world’s most exceptional human beings, Malcom Gladwell determines that true greatness at any task requires an extraordinary investment of time. He cites several examples, including the Beatles, who performed live in Hamburg over 1,200 times from 1960 to 1964, amassing more than 10,000 hours playing time. As the Beatles biographer Philip Newman confirms “So by the time they returned to England from Hamburg they sounded like no one else, it was the making of them”.

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