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Bowie bust on Naim amplifier

Our product portfolio reads like a who’s who of iconic British Hi–Fi. It includes such thoroughbreds as the Naim NAP 250–2 amplifier, Rega Planar 3 and Roksan Xerxes turntables. Each of these products has been consistently developed and optimised from their original designs, and can trace their genealogy across decades.

Roksan Xerxes 20+
Roksan Xerxes 20+

These icons are augmented by the modern masterpieces that our partners continue to create. The Kudos Titan loudspeaker, Vertere SG1 turntable and Chord Sarum Super Aray cables have all redefined what is possible in their product arenas, and have created their very own legends.

A rich heritage of audio design and production, and a still thriving high–end audio industry here in the UK, combine to produce the talented gene pool from which these world beating products emerge.

Life is too short to compromise, especially when the very best is lovingly crafted right here on our doorsteps. Great design transcends fickle fashion, remains desirable, and engenders a pride of ownership that lasts forever.

1976: Rega launch the Planar 3 and the Sex Pistols release ‘Anarchy in the UK.
2016: After numerous upgrades, Rega release the latest and greatest Planar 3.

Rega Planar 3, once heard, never forgotten
That Pistols' sleeve: once seen, never forgotten
The Naim NAP 250
Naim NAP 250

Arguably the most famous amplifier the world has ever heard, the legendary Naim NAP 250 is the product upon which Naim built their reputation. Through meticulous circuit and mechanical design, exhaustive component selection, and the application of a fully regulated power supply, Julian Vereker created a true modern day classic that to this day still delivers class leading musical performance. Few components in the history of Hi–Fi can match the pedigree of the mighty NAP 250. First introduced in 1975, it has gone through a number of major updates – both technical and aesthetic – that have kept it at the very forefront of power amplifier performance. Naim celebrated the 40th anniversary of NAP 250 in 2015 with the introduction of the NAP 250–2 DR, the ultimate iteration of this iconic masterpiece.

Naim Union Jack
Proudly made in Britain

“It’s not their game, it’s our game. Making good things has always been a British game” Julian Vereker 1945 –2000 Founder of Naim Audio

Despite radical changes in UK manufacturing output, our world renowned Hi–Fi industry remains in rude health.

As well as the most iconic names in British Hi–Fi such as NaimRegaRoksan and Neat, we also feature the most exciting new entrants to the scene like Vertere and Kudos.

To show a little entente cordiale we augment these with a small selection of the finest European kit.Quotes

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