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You Can’t Beat The System

moving gears graphicWith Tom Tom Audio, you are not just buying Hi–Fi, you are buying into a vision, a philosophy and a holistic view of how to reproduce music in your home. This approach imbues all our systems with a level of musical performance that can only be achieved when every parameter in the playback chain is carefully considered.


We have spent many years – and thousands of hours – selecting and working with the components and suppliers we represent. As a result our knowledge of how to integrate and optimise their products is second to none.


We have invested this time evaluating the many options available. The fruits of our research is a small, hand–picked range of outstanding components that truly represent the ‘best in class’ from a stable of gifted designers.


Having installed countless systems in hundreds of enthusiast’s listening rooms, we understand these components – and the way in which they interact – at a forensic level. We employ this knowledge every day when selecting and optimising the perfect systems for our clients.


This has been a unique voyage of discovery, with countless insights and many rewards. The journey continues, as we gain ever greater insight with every new music lover we meet, and every new system we install.


In a world dominated by vain specifications and superfluous feature sets, we take a rather more focused approach to designing your ultimate audio system.


Pared back, blueprinted and fully fit for purpose, our minimalist approach demonstrates a refreshing restraint and produces high performance solutions that will maximise your budget.

Race–bred components, tuned to perfection, create unbeatable Hi–Fi systems that will stay at the cutting edge of musical performance for many years to come.

All our systems are also fully upgradeable and serviceable, protecting your initial investment and guaranteeing a lifetime of musical pleasure.

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