Game Changer…Naim NAC 332

With a repertoire that includes such seminal components as the NAC 32.5, NAC 52, NAC 552 and the ultimate NAC S1, it’s fair to say that Naim are established masters of the pre-amp art. I guess it should come as no surprise then that the new NAC 332 is yet another ground beaking design. The pre amp is absolutely pivotal in any Naim system, and we have been blown away when introducing the NAC 332 into an existing Naim ‘Classic’ system, replacing a NAC 282 or NAC 252. We can demonstrate the new NAC 332 with and without the NPX 300 power supply, in comparison to a NAC 282/Hi Cap and NAC 252/Supercap. Book your demo now, you’re in for a real treat!

NAC 332

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