Super Lumina Interconnects – Our View

Naim asked us for our feedback on the Super Lumina Balanced interconnects for their ‘New Classic’ components. We have used these before with Naim Statement, but these ‘New Classic’ versions are produced at the standard length of 1.2 mtrs. Suffice to say we have not been disappointed! These cables truly are the key to unlocking a whole new level of performance from the NSC 222 and NAP 250. Completing the loom with the Super Lumina Balanced Interconnects, Super Lumina Speaker cables and Powerlines delivered truly incredible results This is true high end Naim performance in just two boxes, and these cable upgrades could not be more justified in this context. For the performance we are getting I have to say they represent great value for money and should be top of your shopping list. We invite you to come and hear the remarkable benefits these cables bring to the ‘New Classic’ party, and you can read a white paper that explains the unique way in which Naim implement balanced connections here:-

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