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speech bubbleWith a lifelong passion for music and audio, my motivation to start Tom Tom Audio was not just to sell the best Hi–Fi in the world, but to meet other music lovers who felt the same way I do. I’m delighted to say that after more than a decade in business I’ve made many firm friends through Tom Tom Audio and hope to make many more.

We always welcome your feedback. It lets us know what we’re doing right, and what you need from us. Over the years, I’ve been touched by the many positive comments our clients have made about working with us. I hope you’ll forgive me the indulgence of sharing some of their feedback with you.

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When you’re looking to buy or upgrade your music system you need someone you can trust. Someone who is knowledgeable about their product and can provide objective and balanced advice. You’d love someone who cares about you as a customer; not just before and during, but also after the sale. Someone who offers a personal service and who does what they say they will, and then follows up to make sure everything is as it should be. You get this and more from James and his team at Tom Tom audio.

Scott Brown

James at Tom Tom has looked after me for the past ten years and I can’t speak more highly of the service that he’s delivered. He’s a super guy to do business with, tremendously personable, extremely knowledgeable (and passionate) about the world of Naim, and super flexible when it comes to trialing new equipment and trading in. If you’re looking to start, or continue with your Naim journey then James should be right at the top of your dealer list.

Andy Jameson

As a long time user of Naim equipment, I have always valued the knowledge and enthusiasm of their dealer network. I had been aware of James and the Tom Tom ethos for a few years before I was in the market for a nice pre–loved 552. I thought it would be simple transaction, but it turned out to be more like inheriting something from a good friend. James travelled to visit me and lovingly installed the pre–amp as if it were going into his own system. We then spent a good few hours listening to music and chatting about a wide range of common interests. Finally passing over the money was never so pleasurable.

Mick Bax

I can honestly say that with James and his colleagues at Tom Tom, it has been a most enjoyable adventure that has allowed me to enjoy my music at ever increasing levels of fidelity. I am sure there are other chapters waiting to be written over the coming years as, with a passion for music, you are always on the lookout for the next opportunity to push the envelope further. Tom Tom has grown over the last few years but it’s good to note, however, that growth has not undermined the unique Tom Tom experience, which is still reassuringly fresh and distinctive. I have only one more thing to add. James, thanks mate.

Dave Burke

What a delight to find a Hi–Fi dealer who’s not interested in just shifting gear. James @ Tom Tom audio is foremost a music enthusiast who has the experience and expertise to enable you to put together your perfect system. I cannot recommend Tom Tom more highly and can honestly say that James is a pleasure to deal with.

Peter Brookes

Tom Tom is the best upgrade I ever made. The guys never forget what this hobby’s about – if the equipment isn’t playing music to your satisfaction then there’s something seriously wrong, and they go all out to make it right. I’m sure such attention to detail both pre and post sale means long hours and hard work, but it never seems that way – the guys are always straightforward, easy going and great fun.

Paul Greenhill

Over the years Tom Tom has grown, with the arrival of Henry and expanding into The Green Room, but the fundamentals have stayed the same. In that time, with James’ help, my system has also grown and reached a performance level beyond anything I imagined possible.

Gavin & Sharon Wilson

I must have spent thousands of hours listening to music, a lot of that time through Naim electronics. But, I am relieved to say, only a minute fraction of that time has been spent “auditioning” – i.e. listening critically to the sounds made by various pieces of kit. And so over the years I have spent happy hours listening to various pieces of kit (out of curiosity or culturally programmed avarice or even a low key recommendation from James) in St Albans and at home, and on occasion buying something new. I am now fortunate enough to have a NDS/555PS/NAC 552/NAP 300 with Wilson Benesch Trinity Speakers. The equipment upon which I have played my recordings has not been a passive object, but an active participant in opening up areas of music that I had previously found inaccessible: communicating complex, profound, often exhilarating performances with as much energy and passion as the music of my youth. What better upgrade could there be?

Neelo S.

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