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Less Noise = More Music

Naim Audio have always gone to extreme lengths to isolate the sensitive circuits in their components from the deleterious effects of electrical and mechanical noise. Utilising their unique Tuned ARAY, Super ARAY and Ground ARAY technologies, combined with their extensive shielding methods, Chord Company have built a second line of defence against this noise, and have produced a comprehensive suite of complementary products which offer obvious performance upgrades for your Naim Audio system. From their ‘Bridge’ NDX replacement Burndy Link Plug, right up to their reference ‘ChordMUSIC’ Din and XLR cables, all these options provide obvious upgrades with cumulative benefits. Recent innovations such as their replacement Burndy cables, Epic and Signature Mains cables, and the new GroundARAY high-frequency noise absorbers,are all aimed at reducing noise by drawing it out of your system, or preventing it entering it in the first place. Simply put, Less Noise = More Music and all these products let your Naim components perform at their very best by allowing them to operate in an ideal environment, maximising the performance of your system and hence the return on your original investment.

We have all of these products on permanent demonstration and would strongly advise you to come and hear the clear benefits they offer. We have never come across a range of products that are so obviously beneficial to any Naim system whist retaining that essential musical engagement for which we all chose Naim in the first place.

Download the Chord Company Guide to their Naim specific products here

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