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Our motivation is a passion for music, and a fascination with building exceptional audio systems to play it on – systems that truly engage your senses, and connect you to the very heart of the performance.

Our company is small enough to care, but our reputation and enthusiasm for what we do is huge. Our growth has been built upon always striving to be the best at what we do, not just the biggest, and we never lose that focus.

  • Because we are small, we can give you a handcrafted experience, full of thoughtful details, with a carefully planned outcome.
  • Because we are small, we can get to know you personally, and we can afford to do the little things that matter – which is why our customers become such firm friends.
  • Even though we are small, we’ve grown to become the UK’s leading Naim Audio specialist.

We carry a hand–picked selection of the finest audio components available from a small range of specialist manufacturers, who we know intimately.

Our ambition is simple – to bring great sound into people’s lives. Fresh and innovative, we have always challenged convention to establish a better way of doing things. The Tom Tom Club, for instance, is our customer owners club, a chance for us to share our news and for you to get involved. Take a look and sign up for regular updates.


Small Team… Big Heart – Our 15 Minutes of Faim!

A lifelong passion for British Hi–Fi and a desire to proudly support UK manufacturing, prompted me to realise my dream, and launch Tom Tom Audio in 2002. As a result I now have a rather comprehensive collection of classic British Hi–Fi... that is gainfully employed playing a lifetime’s collection of vinyl records and CDs.

My good mate Tim has worked with me from the start. A talented graphic designer and illustrator, Tim designed the original Tom Tom website that helped put us on the map. We have worked closely together on this new site, which is liberally infused with his unique creative style and charm.

Another good friend of mine, Henry came on board in 2010. With an easy going manner, and a great eye for detail, Henry helps ensure that our customers are constantly delighted. Despite working long days together, I am pleased to report that our friendship is still very much intact.

Those of you who have attended our Festival of Sound events will have met our vinyl record specialist, Chris, who also supports the business in a number of ways including meticulously hand building all our cables. Call us pedantic but we even use the same solder as Naim do at the factory.

Renowned turntable set-up specialist Derek Jenkins joined the team recently to work his magic in our workshop. Justly famous for his set-up work with the Linn LP12, Derek can turn his hand to any analogue source and optimise your turntable to extract the maximum goodness from your vinyl collection.

Completing the team, renowned industry pundit Jason 'The Ear' Kennedy (who produced much of the stunning photography and conducted the interviews featured on this website), regularly lends a critical ear to our rigorous product selection process.

We all share similar values and loyalties – except football – which only occasionally leads to an ugly scene by the coffee machine on a Monday morning.

Alongside music and Hi–Fi (and football), other hotly debated topics during the working day at Tom Tom include an appreciation of classic cars, photography, cycling and the fine wares produced by various micro–breweries – all subjects that we try our best to combine during our annual company days out to the Goodwood Festival of Speed and Revival.

In a nutshell, Tom Tom Audio is six friends working with the Hi–Fi they love and listen to themselves, and having a lot of fun whilst doing it. We believe in good old–fashioned courtesy, and simply treat people the way we would wish to be treated. We keep it simple as that’s what seems to work best. If you share a similar outlook, then no doubt we’ll get along famously.

In the beginning...

Quotes From day one what made Tom Tom Audio fundamentally different was our focus in incredible depth on a single audio system, in fact the best audio system in the world, Naim Audio. Since then we have discovered some equally outstanding manufacturers and built a focused range of complementary products such as loudspeakers, turntables and cables.

This specialized approach is rare in any field, and provides us with a unique focus in delivering the ideal audio solution for our customers. It works for them, and we sincerely believe it will work for you too. If you have already embarked upon your Hi–Fi journey – or you’re about to – you’ll always be welcomed as a friend at Tom Tom Audio. This is not just a business to me: as Quotes a passionate music and audio enthusiast, it is the culmination of a lifetime’s dream."

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