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“To me music is about people.”

Julian Vereker, MBE (1945 – 2000. Founder of Naim Audio)

Julian Vereker makes exceedingly nice naits The Tom Tom Club is for everyone with a Naim story.

No other art form can bring people together quite like music, and no other Hi–Fi can bring the people who love that music together quite like a Naim Audio system can. Julian was absolutely correct; being a Naim owner is all about the music, the people behind that music, and the people who are brought together through their shared experience of enjoying that music on a Naim Audio system.

If you’ve found your way to this website you very probably already have a Naim story. If not, the chances are you are about to start one. Like most things in life today, audio brands come and go at an alarming rate and many ‘audiophiles’ spend a lifetime trying them all. Then there’s us, the lucky ones, the ones that have a Naim story.

‘Life changing’ certainly sounds dramatic, however if music touches your soul and the means by which it’s reproduced it in the home is of any importance to you, then can there be any more apt a description of that first time you heard a Naim Audio system? Heart–stopping, mind–blowing, foot–tapping and yes, life changing. I’m sure you can remember which one of these fits best. The truth is, that first experience leads to a lifelong Naim story filled with musical passion and joy.

Naim Nait

And what got my Naim story started? An early Nait integrated amplifier (pictured above) – a mate’s Nait in fact, but not for too long. That mate’s Nait became my Nait and I still adore it.

The Tom Tom Club exists to bring those of us with a Naim story together, to share the pride and joy of living with a Naim Audio system.

Don’t be a stranger, we’d love to hear from you.



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